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Protect Our Workers – PoW: Facilitating transnational administrative cooperation and improve access to information and counseling of posted workers.

On 8 March 2016, the European Commission proposed a revision of the rules on posting of workers within the EU. The revision proposal focuses on three main areas: the remuneration of posted workers, rules on temporary work agencies and rules applying to long-term posting, with the aim of applying the principle of equal pay for equal work. In addition to this, for trade unions and other social partners are particularly important the implication of the new Commission’s proposal on universally binding collective agreements, trans-border/transnational collective bargaining and information on posting, among other issues.

While these points need to be seriously considered during upcoming negotiations, it is also important, that in a meanwhile, social partners should play a stronger role in ensuring that posted workers have the right tools to protect themselves. The action we are proposing is significant due to the involvement of countries which share common borders including candidate country. In line with ongoing trends, partners will propose new joint information tools and services which should facilitate better unionization and protection of posted workers’ rights under the current regulatory frameworks but at the same time will generate free and fair movement of workers.

Another important pillar of our action is the involvement of trade union organizations and other social partners in shaping the employment rights of the posted workers, in line with the given scope and revision of EU directives. As a final point, our action is based on boom-up approach by adapting tools and services to posted worker’s needs identified through research activities. Social partners, trade union organizations, employers’ organization, research institute from – Italy, Malta, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, UK and Romania and from candidate country – Serbia, will take joint action in order to support proper implementation of Enforced Directive in their countries, develop services and tools for posted workers and social partners based on mutual learning, exchange of best practices and cross border cooperation.


The strategic objective is to improve access to information targeted posted/posted temporarily agency workers on applicable terms and conditions of employment in transparent and accessible manner and to improve administrative cooperation among social partners.


  1. Improving transparency, accessibility and quality of information for posted workers based on posted workers-centered approach
  2. Rethinking existing mechanisms of posting and developing new information, guidance and counseling services
  3. Improving monitoring mechanism of posting by joint developing of on-line reporting tool for violation of posted workers’ rights
  4. Promoting equal treatment and facilitating free movement by equipping social partners with skills and competencies on correct monitoring and implementation of the PoW Directives;
  5. Enhancing administrative cooperation among social partners for better protection of posted workers’ rights to equal treatment in the host states and free provision of services.

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